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Fuel Way

From the heart of the Middle East, Fuel Way has emerged as one of the most important and largest companies for providing fuel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In fact, Fuel Way is a hub visited by travelers and stations visitors; creating the perfect model to follow in the world of fuel services.
Fuel Way is owned by Al-Khaldi Holding Company. It was established in 1972 with the name ‘Khaldi Stations’. In 2013, it was separated and obtained its current commercial name ‘Fuel Way’. Making the independence move was stemmed from the importance of this field and the desire for further expansion and investment. 
The main activity of the company is to provide fuel services (petrol, diesel, gas) for travellers through its widespread stations along with car and catering services. 
  Auto Services
F&B Services
Retail Stores
Other Services
• Fuel
• Lubricant - Oil & Filters
• Workshops
• Tire Services
• Coupons
• Elite Club
• Express Snacks
• Restaurants
• Convenience Stores
• Coffee Shops
• Gift Shop
• Media Store
• Electronics
• Others
• Motel
• ATM Banking Services
• Car Accessories
• Rent-A-Car